Speed up your approval processes with workflow

Workflow is a digital mechanism for validating documents in the office or on the move. Often integrated into a document management solution, Workflow works in a defined order and within a defined time frame.

A workflow system avoids the time wasted by duplicating documents and telephone reminders. It allows you to accelerate and monitor the approval of content in real time from your smartphone in an automated manner.

Workflow, a performance tool in its own right

Example of a workflow for a HR department

When an employee submits a leave request via a workflow, it is sent directly to his or her supervisor, who receives a notification to approve or reject it. At any time, the employee can see the status of his or her request and the supervisor can create an overview of all leave pending approval.

Workflow: Key features

A true model of your business processes, the workflow software module is equipped with multiple functionalities allowing you to:

#1. Integrate all types of documents from different sources and business applications
#2. Define linear or conditional approval circuits for the various departments of your company
#3. Assign documents to the right person and specify the nature of the tasks to be carried out and the associated deadlines
#4. Dynamically validate a request according to the type of documents (classification files, metadata, etc.)
#5. Monitor the completion of your tasks in real time

Streamline your accounts payable processes

Many business processes can be illustrated by the workflow. Managing supplier invoices, for instance, is one of the first processes to be digitized.

Generating many paper documents and processing supplier invoices is a long, costly process that stagnates your accounting department within your company.

A workflow system simplifies and speeds up the validation of your invoices’ payment vouchers. It increases the productivity of your employees and thus saves time so that you and your employees can devote yourselves to tasks with higher added value.

The multiple benefits of digital workflows

Thanks to a turnkey workflow tool integrated into your dematerialization solution, you can streamline collaboration within your various departments and benefit from real-time visibility of the status of your accounting documents in the validation circuit.


A tool with multiple benefits:

#1. Time saving
#2. Enhanced visibility and traceability
#3. Centralization of requests
#4. Reduced risk of errors
#5. Fluidized exchanges

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