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Streamline your accounts payable processes

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Boost the profitability of your finance department with efficient document management tools

Automate every phase of supplier invoices processing, from the capture and recognition of the document, its approval to the creation of an accounting book entry in your financial system


any format of invoices (scanned paper documents, files uploaded on the Komidoc vendor extranet portal or attachments received via email)

Leverage Machine Learning

& Intelligent information extraction technologies to capture relevant data fields in your invoices (date, number, tax total, net total, …) from a variety of unknown layouts


accuracy of extracted data in an intuitive UI

Create an audit trail

to precisely know where in the approval cycle a particular invoice is, who validated it and when

Dynamically route invoices

to the appropriate stakeholder based on captured information (vendor, requester name, department, product type or amount ) while enabling approval from anywhere, on any device, at any time


captured information to ERP, accounting or data analytics systems

Archive invoices

and related Accounts Payable data and easily access documents when needed

Gain visibility

of your AP spend with real-time reporting/Analytics

Vendor invoice automation

Example of a typical Digital Workflow you can easily implement in your organization with KOMI Doc

Achieve faster, more precise invoice processing

Eliminate paperwork, manual data entry and associated errors, minimize time and effort to process invoices and make documents approval a breeze with KOMI Doc.

Cost Savings
Staff Productivity
Suppliers Satisfaction

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