ZigaForm version 5.3.5

Human resources

Transform the way you share and manage your HR documents

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Consolidate all employee records in one place, whatever their type

Scan, index, and archive

all of your employee paper based records in a digital format

Upload MS Word, Excel, PDF,…

files with drag and drop from your desktop.

Create, share, complete,

route & sign electronic forms online

Access information

anywhere, anytime

Organize effectively your files and folders

  • Define your own filing system

    so that your documents are organized properly

  • Follow a consistent method

    for naming your files and folders

  • Pre-define an employee folders

    template and automatically apply it for new hire

Streamline your hiring process

Requisition for Hire

Fill out a job requisition e-form to inform HR and upper-level management that a new hire is needed.

Selection process

Share and route candidates data (resume, application letter) through workflow for collaborative decision-making.


Build your own evaluation e-form to rate each candidate.

Job Offer

Customize offer letter templates to deliver the offer promptly.

Online agreement signing

Complete the hiring process and get your job offer, contract digitally signed by your future employee.


Assign checklists and make sure that all information and resources are available for your new employee.

Boost new-hire productivity

Design unique and customized onboarding journeys to integrate new employees faster, better, and make your job easier

  • Automate routing, and distribution of checklists or any documents requiring approval
  • Streamline desk/office assignment, resource & personalized items allocation (computer, phone, Stationery, passwords, security badge, business cards, …)
  • Create a self-service portal to give employees instant online access to key HR documents and eForms
  • Enable new employees to fill out new-hire paperwork online
  • Keep status of the onboarding process for each new hire with advanced auditing and reporting capabilities

Protect your sensitive HR documents

Reduces the risk that documents will be accessed by unauthorized personnel or third party

  • Activate secure access rights and data encryption to restrict visibility of sensitive information ((Payroll, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Records, I-9 Documents, etc.) to only approved individuals.
  • Ensure security for remote workers, telecommuters, and regional offices or staff, with double authentication, encryption in transit.
  • Benefit from a highly secure cloud foundation. Use multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence to help identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats.

Meet compliance standards

Make sure you comply with legally mandated retention periods for HR documents.

  • Comply with legally mandated retention periods by defining how long each type of employees’ files should be kept.
  • Ensure the protection and transparent use of employee’s personal and payroll data to comply with GDPR, EEO
  • Make it simple to fulfill HR audit requirements
  • Maintain an HR Compliance checklist