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Empower each of your departments with an easy-to-use, end-to-end document management solution

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See what KOMI Doc can do for you and your teams


Fully automate your inbound/outbound invoicing process for greater staff productivity and savings.

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Securely store employee files electronically and manage an effective employee onboarding process.

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Get everyone on the same page by sharing the latest validated version of your corporate documents.

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Streamline the requisition process and gain better control & visibility into your company’s spend.

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Create secure, private workspaces in seconds and collaborate with anyone inside or outside of your organization.

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Customer Care

Enhance your ability to log, track and resolve complaints in a consistent, systematic and responsive manner to improve customers’ satisfaction.

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Top benefits of KOMI Doc

Boost your team’s productivity, reduce your costs with efficient, secure and easy to use document management solutions.
Improved Compliance

Make sure you comply with governmental agencies and industry regulations and reduce the risk of audit failure, costly fines, sanctions, litigation.

Enhanced Security

Protect your business documents against unauthorized access, loss, ransomware and data theft.

Cost Savings

Reduce significantly storage Space (filing cabinets, boxes), paper consumption, postage fee and wasted hours spent on recreating content, searching for documents, …

Better Collaboration

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your teams through agile document creation, task management data collection/analysis and remote office, on the field capabilities.

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