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Centralize your business documents for greater productivity and organizational transparency

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Secure, Intelligent and Time-Saving Document Automation

Offering a comprehensive set of Intuitive, easy to use and secure features, KOMI Doc simplifies the way you manage your documents.

Instant access

Gone are the days of searching

for archived files with easy and instant access to all scanned, filed and archived files from anywhere on any device.

With intuitive

and well-structured folders, your team can access files via the on line browse function, your Konica Minolta Printer’s control panel or via the OCR technology Search box.

Increase productivity

of your sales staff with fast and efficient access to the latest product information and reduce time wasted on searching for documents.

Remote access

permissions increases your mobile sales team’s productivity with easy access to updated information.


Document distribution and review can be efficiently managed with simple workflows.

Design and run remote accessible electronic workflows to manage tasks, feedback and approvals. With the built-in wizard, setting up workflows is easy. Team leaders can have access to workflows for up to date information, approval management on the go and easy reporting.

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With strict access protocols in place, you can manage who has access to specific files and folders. Documents can be shared in confidence with your teammates, business partners and customers thanks to encryption software ensuring the integrity of your content.

All access is monitored and tracked for comprehensive reports and audit trails.

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Ensure your documents are up to date and manage your governance and compliance reminders automatically by setting up expiration date policies on all your key documents. Decide on the action to perform by hiding or deleting documents and archive or properly destroy inactive or expired documents.


The analytics and reporting is done across all your KOMIDoc platform. You can build intuitive and consolidated dashboards for an easy overview of data to track, unify and analyse data at a glance.

The graphical view provides clear and definitive views of documents, access and usage in real time.


Assign granular, unique retention rules to keep archived content only as long as needed
Automated Data Retention
Certified time stamping
Ensure the integrity of electronic records
Maintains all audit trails for legal compliance
Ultra-secure private storage

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Want to know more ?

With KOMI Doc you have access to over 200 features such as version control, comments on document, SQL queries,

Bulk import/upload of files, Support of REST web services, etc.

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