ZigaForm version 5.3.5

Customer Support

Enhance your support strategy and improve customer satisfaction and retention

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Consolidate all customer records in one place, whatever their type

Scan, index, and archive

all of your customer paper based records in a digital format

Upload MS Word, Excel, PDF,…

files with drag and drop from your desktop.

Create, share, complete,

route & sign electronic forms online

Access information

anywhere, anytime

Complaint handling solution tailored to your needs

Design customized customer support journeys to manage claims faster, better, and make your job easier

Log complaints details

through a customized electronic form

Send your case & documents

through a configurable approval and review process

Classify and assign complaints

to the right department to ensure timely resolution

Easily access customer records or case histories

including past activity by product, customer, classification, or other key data

Enable real-time monitoring

of complaints activity

Build reports and monitor

the status of complaints, trends, causes to identify potential product or service improvements

Complaint handling automation

Example of a typical Digital Workflow you can easily implement in your organization with KOMI Doc.


Boost customer satisfaction and make life better

and easier for your client service team

Enhanced ability to track & resolve incoming requests

Complain resolution time reduced by 40 %
Improved customer focus & faster internal communication
75% positive customer satisfaction index