Need to accelerate the signing of your agreements? Discover how electronic signatures can benefit your business

The lockdown linked to the sanitary crisis has dramatically increased the need to work from home and consequently accelerated the demand for eSignature.

The electronic signature is not a new concept, indeed EU and United States adopted first agreements on the topic more than 20 years ago. Today it is legally recognized by more than 75 countries and it is widely used in many fields of activities.

Should you work in the real-estate, insurance, finance industry or in HR, sales, or purchasing department, you surely have a significant amount of documents to legally sign with your business contacts, partners, or new hires…

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What will you discover in this e-Book?

# Electronic signature basics and benefits,
# eSignature use cases in real-estate, insurance, HR department, and more…
# The importance of having electronic signature integrated to KOMI Doc DMS.

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