KOMI Scan Capture empowers your document management thanks to automation

KOMI Scan Capture is an intelligent capture module directly integrated to the all-in-one platform KOMI Doc, designed to ease your document management processes from A to Z.

Automate your document processes from start to finish

Companies receive more and more documents to process, and data is becoming the most valuable resource (read our last article on the topic). To handle all this relevant information in an effective way, KOMI Scan Capture natively integrated to KOMI Doc collaborative platform combines advanced technologies:

     # Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
     # Semantic analysis
     # Deep learning
     # Machine learning

KOMI Scan Capture automates document management processing from the capture of the document up to its long-term archiving. In other words, it:

     # Operates multi-documents simultaneously,
     # Handles any document format, from multiple sources (Konica Minolta MFP, scanners, emails, business apps, …),
     # Smartly identifies and extracts key data,
     # Automatically route content for approval within electronic workflows,
     # Export captured information to your business applications and software,
     # Enhances communication with your business contacts,
     # Eases documents’ archiving,
     # And more…

Our intelligent capture module put into practice

Streamline your business processes thanks to global document capture management platform: