Accelerate your customer complaints resolution time with KOMI Doc

As working from home is becoming a routine for most of employees, it is very likely that your support team performance may be affected should you did not provide them with the right tools.

As you know, keeping customers’ satisfaction high is a top priority in order to preserve your business activities and growth.

Find out here how to enhance your customer satisfaction with KOMI Doc’s digital workflows

In today’s world, support teams need to be equipped with digital solutions to handle successfully the different steps of managing customer’s complaints, whether they work at the office or from any other locations:

#1: Multi source capture of complaints (email, phone call, correspondence, etc.)

#2: Create a case and assign it to the right resolution owners

#3: Investigate the complaint and take action to close the case

#4: Close the Case and communicate with the customers

#5: Investigate the origins of the problems and take proactive measures

Make customer complaints management a breeze with KOMI Doc

Integrating multiple and complementary features (electronic form, workflows, document management, data analytics, etc) KOMI Doc is the perfect platform that will enable your support teams to handle proactively and successfully all your customers complaints.

Check out our video below to learn more on how KOMI Doc solution will help you maintaining your customer satisfaction’s rate high.


If you need any further information on how KOMI Doc can assist you making your customers happier, please get in touch with us.