Extend the use of KOMI Doc within your organisation

Today, document management systems are truly appreciated by companies of all size for the productivity it brings among the organization.

Providing all the workforce with such tools seems obvious but can be quite costly in terms of user licence, especially for companies with over 100 staff.

Read only users: a smart answer for companies with large workforce

Giving 24/7 access to marketing collaterals to the sales force or technical documentation to fields engineers can now be easily procured with KOMI Doc‘s new user profile: the read-only user.

In comparison with a standard user that can take any actions within KOMI Doc, the read-only user will be limited to:

# only view, print and download documents

# validate workflow’s tasks

# fill electronic forms

But knowing it is only 1/5 the cost of a standard user, this could make it easier to extend the use of KOMI DOC within your organization; especially should your headcount exceed 100 employees.

Check out our factsheet below to discover the read-only user’s main characteristics and differences with the 2 already-existing roles (standard and guests).


If you need any further information on how KOMI Doc can assist you making your employees more productive, please get in touch with us.