Stop manual accounts payable processes, switch to automation

In a world where digital transformation is a must have for any company, accounts payable processes remain manual for most of finance departments. Because of long-established and traditional procedures, invoice processing is still the most difficult process to fully digitalise.

Manual invoice processing: a burden for productivity

Managing invoices manually generates multiple issues: Lost of productivity being on top of the list. But this is not only about time wasting. There are also multiple hidden costs that can truly impact your company’s sustainability in the long term:

# Risk of errors when posting information to bookkeeping application

# Suppliers’ dissatisfaction due to late

# Processing costs


7 reasons why you should automate your vendor invoices processing

Automating your accounts payable processes is a key element in your company’s digital transformation that has been successfully experienced by many businesses, in different fields of activities.

Here are the top benefits you will soon discover shortly after automating the management of your supplier invoices:

1 Costs reduction

2 Increased productivity

3 Better insight and transparency

4 Reduced errors

5 Faster approval processing

6 Instant access to information

7 Greater security

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