Calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) with KOMI Doc

If your business processes are handled on paper-base, it is very likely that your company is exposed to visible but also hidden operating costs. Going digital will definitely bring you multiple benefits. Use our ROI calculator to estimate the real benefits you could get.

The cons of paper-based business processes

The ROI you could get by investing in a DMS mainly depends on how your company already deals with manual and paper-based business processes. Yet, you should think about:

1.   Costs related to paper:

# Reams of paper,
# Printing and copying,
# Storage space,
# Postage,

2.   Loss of productivity due to time spent into:

# Searching information,
# Finding documents,
# Entering data,
# Physical filing,
# Fixing errors,

Costs related to paper are pretty obvious to assess. On the other hand, the loss of productivity may be difficult to calculate, but you may estimate it by taking into account the average hourly salary, linked to the time spent to manage a certain amount of documents (per month, year, week, …).


Results you could expect with the implementation of a Document Management Solution (DMS)

Many analyses have already shown the success ROIs of multiple companies that did choose digitisation, and the countless benefits of implementing a DMS seem clear. Yet ROI only calculates tangible results but implementing a DMS influences many other elements. Thus, a quick reminder is always useful:

 Measurable benefits

# Reduced costs: approx. $1,450 of monthly savings,
# Reduced time: +46% of productivity gains estimated.

Unmeasurable benefits

# Boosted efficiency,
# Space saved,
# Secure storage,
# Improved brand image for all business relationships (new hires, customers, and suppliers)

Try our online ROI calculator to precisely know how much you could save.