Get your onboarding process at the top with a Document Management Solution

If you want to make a good first impression to all your new employees and thus increase the chance they will stay longer in your company, your HR department must prepare their integration to the last detail.

How KOMI Doc concretely helps your HR team?

As mentioned in our last post Digitized onboarding makes your hiring process a success, you know now how essential your onboarding process is and what consequences it can have on your employees’ behaviour. Let us see why a digital software such as KOMI Doc is a must-have if you want to get your new hires to feel welcomed and integrated from day one:

  # Document Portal: give access to essential HR information and electronic forms to your new hires by creating their own access to your Intranet platform.

  # Electronic Forms: with both electronic form’s templates or your own personalized ones, share checklists to other departments and to new employees.

  # Digital Workflows: streamline desk/office assignment, resource allocation, passwords, and security badges.

  # Analytics Module: keep status of the onboarding process for each new hire with advanced auditing and reporting capabilities.

Ready to get started? Get a quick overview of the solution with our short onboarding video!