How to Streamline Your Invoice Process — With 2-way matching

Processing invoices to get approval for payment can be time-consuming, especially should a reconciliation with corresponding purchase orders is needed.

Make invoice approvals a breeze with KOMI Doc

Thanks to its intelligent capture and document management engines, KOMI Doc streamlines accounts payable processes by automating 2-way matching processes.

Watch our video to see why so many companies have chosen KOMI Scan Capture for their document capture needs.

What is 2-way invoice matching?

2-way matching is an automated process that facilitates the comparison of incoming invoices against purchase orders stored in your accounting system. When capturing a new invoice and the purchase order number on it, KOMI Scan Capture advanced technologies of recognition will retrieve the associated purchase order to check if the quantity ordered and prices match the invoice. In sum, it ensures that you received what you ordered.

Benefits of 2-way matching

     # Cost-saving: reduces operational costs, avoids late payments, and ensures you are paying the price you ordered.
     # Boosts co-worker’s
     # Saves time on invoice approval processes.
     # Increased visibility thanks to monitoring option, reducing the risk of error.
     # Improves records management.
     # And more…