Empower you front office team with automation

In many vertical industries such as hospitality, finance, insurance, or car rental, providing a solid customer service approach is a key duty for front desk officers. This is the reason why, when it comes to filing documents such as contracts, identity cards, passports, or invoices, … this should be fully automated so that they can be more available and handle complaints or specific customers’ requests effectively.

KOMI Doc offers front desk officers peace of mind

Watch our video and see how front desk officers can save time and provide a great customer experience thanks to intelligent KOMI Doc document capture and management.

Challenges brought by manual front office processes

     # Repetitive daily tasks makes the job not interesting and error-prone,
     # Extends waiting times for customers,
     # Using different solutions creating bottlenecks,
     # Increases processing time and costs
     # And more…

The whole process ending by a poor customer experience, and a dissatisfied employee.

Benefits of capture and filing automation

With KOMI Doc and KOMI Scan Capture semantic & AI based technologies, the recognition and extraction of relevant customer data is automated. As well as the filing in a centralized system, where the communication of information is empowered. Undeniably, it brings multiple benefits:

     # Reduce the risk of error,
     # Cut on costs,
     # Save precious time,
     # Improve communication with other services,
     # Enhance both customer and employee satisfaction.