Digitized onboarding makes your hiring process a success

Hiring processes for any size of company is always a long and heavy process, even more when it is about finding the right talent, because here is the goal: a win-win situation! In this way, new employees’ onboarding must be on point! But what does that mean exactly?

Overcome the drawbacks of traditional onboarding

Did you know that on average, it takes 23 days and over $4K to fill an open position? Yes, traditional onboarding is both time AND money consuming. Why?

  # There are many co-workers involved,

  # There are lots of details your HR service must think about: set up new hire’s desk at day one, handle hiring documents, etc.

What are the side effects of your onboarding process?

  # More than 2/3 of employees would stay at least 3 years in their company if they had a nice onboarding,

  # Half of companies that have an onboarding program get a better engagement from their employees,

  # 1/3 of employees quit their job in the first 6 months if they experienced a poor onboarding,

More precisely, an inefficient onboarding affects employees’ productivity, as they are not ready to efficiently work from day one, but why?

  # Features and essential tools are not provided or correctly set up to let them work properly,

  # They do not have access to business information to function well in their role,

  # They do not have the information about company’s culture (“who’s who”, behaviours, etc.)

  # And many other aspects that cannot be neglected…


What a worthwhile onboarding process should bring to your company?

Besides getting rid of paper and a reduced process’ time, a digitized onboarding process has more to offer you:

  # Improve employee performance up to 10%,

  # Reduce training time up to 50%,

  # Increase employee retention by about 25%,

  # Keep enthusiasm and engagement of new members,

  # Cuts on all hiring process’s hidden costs from the onboarding paperwork, up to the time spent on administrative and hiring processes, and more…

Find out in the infographic below how to digitize your employees’ onboarding in 3 steps only!